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Facebook is a social network that was created by three harward students in the year of 2004.
The network was launched straight from the harward university, at first was the net site only available for the students at the harward university.
After a few months they decided too include seven other school?s that is located in the northeast of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
The collage network grew slowly and by the end of 2004, Facebook had registered more than 1 million users.
Now its open to every one with a valid email address, the site includes member's pictures, biographies, interests and messages, and members can browse freely through open profiles. Members may choose their personal levels of security to prevent strangers from accessing their personal information.
The platform enables anyone, anywhere, to build complete applications that members can those to use.
Applications range from photo sharing to graffiti walls and everything in between.
If we took a search how many people that use facebook it probably be 10 of 11 that did use it.
Facebook is a creative and helpful side.
There are many people that are depending on facebook, and that's one of the bad things with this invention.
Facebook made the world much smaller and you don't even need to use the phone to talk with friends.
Many people use facebook to play games of different kind.
Facebook have two sides, the good side and the bad side.
The good side is that you can use it to connect with friends and family from all over the world, and the bad side is that it's people that use it to be bad to other or pretend that they are some one else for example pretend that they are on the same age that you but they really is a 50 year old person.
That was a little bit about the invention called facebook.

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