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nå er jeg endelig ferdig med engelsken her er historien :

Once upon a time, in a little house in the city, lived two sisters. The oldest of them, Sarah, was 19 years old and the youngest sister's name was Marina, she was only 11. Marina had a big doll house with all kind of things, a kitchen, bedroom, living room, a garage and two Barbie dolls, Barbie and Ken. But there was one thing Marina didn't know. At midtnight the Barbie dolls would come alive! One night when Marina was asleep they did come to life and when they walked out of the house they transformed into real humans! One night they decided to go out and party. They went to the hottest club they could find and when they got inside, they split up. Ken saw a girl sitting all alone on the other side of the dance floor. He decided to go and ask her if she wanted to dance. He walked slowly over the dance floor and asked her, ?do you want to dance??. ?Yes?, she said. After a while, Barbie pulled Ken aside and told him ?We need to go home, it?s almost sunrise!?. She was bored. Ken asked if he could walk the strange girl home. ?Yes?, she said, and they left the club. Ken was suprised to find out that the girl lived in the same house as him and Barbie! It was Sarah, Marina?s older sister! Ken asked if he could see her again. ?Yes.?, she said. Ken waited outside the house for a while, before he snuck back in to the doll house, where he and Barbie became dolls once again.
The next day, Sarah told Marina of what happened the night before. Marina wanted to meet Ken, but Sarah said she was too young to be at the club. In the evening, Sarah went back to the club, while Marina stayed at home. She was worried for her sister and couldn?t sleep. At midnight, she was still awake. Suddenly, she heard a noise comming from the doll house. It was Ken and Barbie, sneaking out again. Marina lay completely still and watched them from a distance. They whispered to each other. Barbie didn?t want to go to the club, so Ken went out alone. Marina stood up. She looked at Barbie and whispered ?Who are you??. Barbie screamed and ran into the living room. Marina followed. She asked again. ?Who are you??. ?My true name is Alice?, the girl said. ?I?ve been trapped in that doll house for years.? Marina realized, she didn?t know where the dolls came from. They had been her?s for as long as she could remember. ?The doll house is cursed?, said Alice. ?The other one, who you call Ken, is actually Luke. I met him a long time ago. He is the one who trapped me here. We come alive at midtnight, and become dolls again at sunrise. If you touch the doll house at sunrise, you get cursed, like me.? Marina was in shock! ?The only way to break the curse is to have Luke bring someone else into the doll house at sunrise.? said Alice. ?Two dolls have to live in the doll house, always. Now Luke is trying to trap your sister Sarah.? Marina could hardly belive what she just heard. ?But they are out there right now at the club! We have to do something!? said Marina. ?He won?t try until the third night, that?s when the curse is at it?s strongest and hardest to resist. Tomorrow.? said Alice. ?Is there any way to save you both?? asked Marina. ?Yes. But I cannot do it alone. You have to help us.? Alice answered.
The day after, Marina went outside while Sarah was still sleeping. She went to a toy store and bougth a brand new Barbie doll. She went back home and waited for nightfall. And sure enough, at the stroke of midnight, the dolls came alive again, and Luke went out to the club. Alice stayed behind along with Marina. Marina showed Alice the new doll she had bought earlier. They went to the club to spy on Luke. ?We have to warn Sarah?, said Marina. ?She won?t believe us. Besides, if Luke see the two of us together out here, he will get suspicious.?, Alice answered. They kept a watchful eye on Sarah all night long. Right before the break of dawn, Luke told Sarah he had to go. Sarah didn?t want to stay at the club after Luke was gone. She said she wanted to leave too. Luke asked if he could walk her home again. ?Yes.?, she said.
When they came to the front door, Luke asked if he could come in. Sarah was starting to fall under his spell. ?Yes.? she said. Alice and Marina followed them in secret. Luke took Sarah?s hand and led her to the doll house. Alice and Marina followed. Marina pulled out the real doll from the toy store. The morning?s first sunbeams came through the windows, and just as Luke and Sarah was about to enter the doll house, Marina jumped forth, and pushed Sarah away. She threw the real doll over at Luke as he touched the doll house. Both Luke and the new doll fell to the floor, now as Ken and Barbie. The sun?s light touched Alice, but she did not transform. Sarah came to her senses, and as the spell that had seduced her faded away, she realized what had happened.
Still in the early morning, they took the doll house out in the forrest, and buried it. From there, they went their seperate ways, Sarah and Marina went home. As for Alice, no one knows where she went. But Sarah and Marina get post cards every once in a while, signed ?Truly yours, Alice?.

XoXo Patricia

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bra ;p


04.feb.2011 kl.18:56

megarandom: takk :)


04.feb.2011 kl.21:45

kjempe fin blogg du ha , btw ; kjempe god historie !


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kristine: Tusen takk <3

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